May 8, 2015

UNIQUE DECISION - news - Court ordered to auction railway station to give payment to Railway employee

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Apr 15, 2015

AISMA - A Message By Thomas Mohandas

The Woes of a Publicity-Shy Association:-Four days ago, I gave a posting in all the Station Masters Group Platforms on the Facebook about the Unprecedented Movements AISMA Central Committee was making in highlighting the Real and Authentic Problems of Station Masters of IR. I did that in the various SMs Gropus in the WhatApps Platforms also. But the President of BCT Division of AISMA Mr Rajiv Thorat made a heart-touching response the moment he went through that. His lamentation was that when our efforts become fruits, some others would always come to take credit of them. DP BCT's lamentation was correct. This is what has been happening here in every Railway and Division. But we are in a helpless situation. We sow the seeds, water the plants, nurse them to bear fruits but finally some cunning people would come and claim the credit. For some people, union work is a profession and it is their livelihood. If they cease to be leaders, they would soon die away. So they remain Netas always. I am not speaking about a very few who are honest, sincere and trustworthy. I am speaking about the 99 percent dishonest, insincere hypocritical netas. So, how can we counter this tactic of those trading frauds. 

I think very few of us have smart phones. It is not a problem for them to understand what AISMA has been doing. It is also possible for those SMs who have internet connection and are members of the Facebook Groups. But, what about the others? ie those who do not have smart phones and internet connection? We must tell them what our Central Team had been doing. How can we do that? Two days ago DS Salem M Murthi called me to help him release a Notice of my FB posting. Now he is bringing that out as a Notice which will go to every station in the Salem Division. DS TVC B Bimal Kumar is also doing that. So I request all other division to release that as a notice either in English or in Hindi after translating it which will help the genuine members of our cadre understand what we have been doing and what the coprophagous frauds have been doing. I am attaching the draft of Salem Division's Notice as a word file. 

Regd No-NDD/09
New Delhi South Zone Salem Division
Our Dear Station Managers, Traffic Inspectors, Station Superintendents, Chief Yard Masters, Yard Masters, Station Masters and Assistant Station Masters, AISMA Central Leadership has been taking unprecedented steps in getting minimum GP 4600 and 30 percent Safety Allowance to our cadre in tune with the heavy workload and our role in traffic movement. We are bringing out this notice just to tell you what our central leadership has been doing to achieve our just demands. History tells us that recognised federations have been utter failure in getting any problems of the SMs solved. Please go through this circular. 

AISMA Central Team's Meetings with Central Labour Commissioner, Railway Board Officers and Secretary Seventh Pay Commission.

Programs on 06-04-2015 Monday:-AISMA Team consisted of Central President John Vincent Kumar, Dy Secretary General Balbir Singh and Liaison Secretary R Durai Samy. (1) They first met Executive Director Industrial Relations Smt Ragini Yechuri and Executive Director Non-Gazetted Mr Aravind Kumar at Rail Bhavan and brought to their table the long-pending case of Break-in-Service of 12 Station Masters in the SR. They listened to John Vincent who explained and narrated the reasons and their backgrounds of the issue. Finally, considering AISMA's earnest request and our long-standing quest in this matter, it was decided to condone the break-in-service of those 12 SMs in the Southern Railway. The file regarding this will soon be sent to the President of India for his approval after getting it forwarded by Railway Minister Hon: Suresh Prabhu. The meeting lasted for 40 minutes.

(2) In the afternoon on the same day of 06-04-2015 Monday, AISMA Team met Seventh Pay Commission at their office at Sivaji Bhavan. AISMA was represented by John Vincent, Balbir Singh and R Durai Samy and Secretary Finance North Zone. They discussed the crucial subject of Minimum GP 4600 for SMs. Our president explained very clearly that the present proposal made by AIRF & NFIR for Minimum GP 4200 had been recommended by Railway Board 4 years ago and the file was unnecessarily being dragged along the corridors of Ministry of Finance, DoPT and RB. He told the commission that each time the file was returned to Railway Board, it had been resent to them with necessary details. He further explained the complexity, multiplicity and role-conflict involved in the duties of Station Master and told Smt. Meena Agarwal, the Secretary, that only minimum GP 4600 would do justice and compensate the overburden of Station Masters. John also elaborated on the various allowances given to other cadres vis-à-vis Station Masters. The 30 minutes meeting with the Pay Commission thus ended with a high note of enthusiasm and satisfaction. 

(3) Programs on 07-04-2015 Tuesday:- Negotiation with Central Labour Commissioner:-AISMA Team consisted of John Vincent, Balbir Singh, R Durai Samy and Secretary General BN Choudhary Sahib. Labour Commissioner MK Choudhary presided over the proceedings. Railway Board was represented by Joint Director Pay Commission-1 MK Panda and Dy Director Estt: Navin Kumar. Our Central President gave the RB Officers a copy of our Memorandum to the Pay Commission. Our arguments regarding the victimization of the SMs in the SR were recorded. John then told the negotiating officers about the decision arrived the previous day at the Railway Board. The CLC recorded that as an 'agreed and decided' point. The RB officials also submitted to the CLC that a decision for condoning the break-in-service was taken the other day and the President of India will be approached soon for that. 

(4) 08-04-2015 Wednesday: The Central Team arrived Jalandhar to participate in the AGM of Firozpur division. 169 Station Masters from across the division attended the AGM. A New Body was also elected with Mr Uttam Kumar as Divisional President, Ashok Kumar SM Pathankot as Divisional Secretary and RD Singh of Jalandhar City as Secretary Finance. The FZR division promised the Central Team that it will work in tune with all the Central directives in achieving Minimum GP 4600 and 30 Percent Safety Allowance. The Team left Jalandhar in the night for Delhi to resume their further meetings. 

(5) 09-04-2015 Thursday. AISMA Team arrived Delhi. They first met Executive Director RRB Mr Amitabha Khare regarding indenting and recruitment of Station Masters. John submitted the vacancy picture of Station Masters on the IR and requested the ED RRB to take up the matter with CPOs for timely indenting. It was revealed in the meeting that indent from CPOs were not forthcoming as a continuous process in tune with new assets and retirements. ED RRB promised AISMA Team that his Office will pursue the matter. (6) AISMA Team then met Director Pay Commission-2 Mr Vikram Gulati in connection with various allowances to the Station Masters. John Vincent apprised the DPC-2 the heaviness of our duty and submitted memorandum detailing our various responsibilities. The points of discussion and our demands on them were Uniform Allowance, Commercial Allowance, Washing Allowance, Extra Work Allowance, Safety (ie Risk) Allowance etc. DPC promised he will take these points to the appropriate tables. 

(7) On the same day of 09-04-2015 Thursday AISMA Team met Director Traffic Coordination Mr Abhijith Narendra and submitted memorandum about our cadre's problems. Though we had been granted audience with the Head of Traffic Family the Member Traffic Mr Ajay Shukla, the meeting could not take place as MT had to go out on some urgent and unforeseen engagements. Instead, AISMA Team paid a visit to the Additional Member Staff Mr Mohamad Akhtar and submitted copy of our memorandum for increased Pay Scale with GP and other Allowances to the Station Masters in tandem with their workload and role in traffic movement.

(8) In the afternoon our team found time to pay a visit to the National Human Rights Commission at their office at Manav Adhikar Bhavan, C-Block, GPO Complex, INA, New Delhi-110023 and met its Registrar Mr KK Shrivastava and explained to him the inhuman working conditions of the Station Masters that included poor toilet facility, paucity of uncontaminated drinking water, absence of Rest Rooms especially for the lady Station Masters. The NHRC promised John Vincent that they would look into it and further asked our team to bring to their notice all such situations through individual representations.

Be Part of the cadre. Be with our issues. Only we can solve our problems. Remember we are the only cadre who are called Masters. Let us prove that in letter and spirit because we are guided by sincere, honest and intelligent members of the Indian Railways.
Divisional Executive Committee Salem Division of AISMA
SOURCE - https://www.facebook.com/groups/184711834908611/

Mar 30, 2015

सातवें वेतन आयोग पर एक बड़ी खबर - Minimum Wage for 7th cpc Rs.26000/- and Open Ended Pay Scales

National Federation of Indian Railwaymen
Affiliated to :
Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC)
International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF)

Minimum Wage of Rs.26000/- and Open Ended Pay Scales


During 2 days deliberations on 23rd & 24th March, 2015, the JCM (Staff Side) delegation have pleaded before the 7th Central Pay Commission to recommend minimum wage of Rs. 26,000/- per month on the basis of 15th ILC Norms/Aykroyd Formula. Some of the important submissions made before the Pay Commission are listed below:
• Wage ratio between the lowest and highest should be 1:8.
• Revised pay scales and allowances should be given effect from 01/01/2014.
• 3.7 multiplication factor should be applied to arrive at the revised pay. Special Pay concept should be restored back.
• HRA should be revised to 60%, 40% and 20% of pay for `X”Y’ and ‘Z’ class localities/cities respectively.
• Children Education Allowance should be revised and extended to cover higher studies also.
• Increment rate should be 5% of pay.
• Five promotions during service.
• Special Duty Allowance for North Eastern Region be revised to 37-1/2%.
• House Building Amount should be increased and interest rate should be reduced.
• 6th CPC Anomalies may be got addressed through a special mechanism.
• Flexi timings for women employees besides additional leave facilities etc.,

• Pay Commission was urged to recommend parity in Pension.
• Minimum Pension should be fixed at 67% of last pay drawn.
• Gratuity amount should be upwardly revised.

All the issues contained in the JCM memorandum were explained to the Commission with cogent logic, merits and Precedents. S/Shri M. Raghavaiah, Leader JCM (Staff Side), Guman Singh, NFIR President, R.P. Bhatnagar, Working President and B.C. Sharma, Joint General Secretary have participated in the deliberations.

No.IV/NFIR/7TH CPC/Corres/Pt.V Dated : 28/03/2015
Forwarded to Affiliates & Media Centre/NFIR.
(Dr M. Raghavaiah)
General Secretary

Source : NFIR